A Class-mas Carol: The Ghosts of Digital Media Past, Present and Future (Who Am I? Who Will I Be?)

First day of class, second class of the day: Digital Media Production. Was I excited? Indifferent? Asleep?

Well, nope, no, and thankfully not. Unfortunately and perhaps rather embarrassingly for a Media Production student, the most accurate way to describe my feelings at the time is probably “internally screaming!!!!!”

Before you judge me for being a Media Production student with an aversion to Digital Media, I feel like I deserve a chance to explain myself. In the past my relationship with digital media has been somewhat rocky. There was the time I went to the Tech Fair in Grade 6. At the motion graphics workshop where we learned to animate fish, I only managed to make mine swim halfway across the screen before he did a flip (sadly, not on purpose) and then melted into a sad puddle of squiggly lines. Meanwhile, on the computer next to me, my friend’s fish did several glorious laps of the screen before a hook dropped down and reeled the fish up out of the ocean. Then there was my Grade 10 Communication Technology course, in which the only real skill I managed to acquire was the ability to photoshop cat heads into a variety of ridiculous situations. And there’s the fact that, for many years, I refused to have any social media accounts other than Facebook, because I was afraid that they would consume my life even more than Facebook was already doing, in a way I didn’t particularly like.

Despite all this, the field of Digital Media Production really intrigues me. I find the way in which media and design shape our lives fascinating and would love to know more about the theory and processes behind these influential mediums. I’m amazed by the things that people create using programs like Photoshop and Aftereffects. And it’s pretty wild how many ways digital media shapes our lives. It’s used to stay in touch with friends, to find jobs, to advertise, to make art, to learn and to teach, and to play. As a student in Media Production, it seems pretty important to not only understand the role it plays, but to also be aware of how I can use its power.

Thus, I enter this course with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. I’m eager to put my digital media struggles behind me and embrace the medium, but I know that there may be some challenges. My biggest obstacle will no doubt be – and always has been – that I am afraid to mess up. I need to be open to pushing my limits and experimenting, with the knowledge that while I may fail, I can build from that failure! It’s difficult for me to work like that, because I truly am a perfectionist in the most obnoxious sense, but I think it will be vital to my growth as a Media student and creator. My goal for this  course is to become comfortable and confident with the programs we use in class, so that I can create work that I’m proud of. In short – *gazes wistfully off into the distance* –

I want to make a fish that can actually swim.

Until next time, dear readers, when we delve into the exciting world of CRAP!


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