Dear Digital Diary… + Bonus Infographics!!!

Keeping a digital diary was rough. Usually, you know, if you have like 2 minutes to kill while you’re waiting for a friend or something, you just check Facebook. But then WAIT! You have to WRITE IT DOWN: October 6, 10:05am, checked Facebook for 2 minutes. Right away, I noticed a lot of those “checked Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/email” entries showing up. Which is not exactly surprising to me. I KNOW I do it a lot. I notice it every time I go on Instagram and am like “There’s nothing new to look at!!!!” and then realize that it’s because the last time I looked at it was only 30 minutes ago. OOPS. Time to unplug perhaps?!?

Having said that, realistically, probably not! Unplugging isn’t really practical or realistic, and that’s not necessarily a BAD thing, that’s just reality.

Another common activity in my digital diary was “Logged into D2L” because I need to use it to stay on top of classes, get information and review lectures. The internet in general is also basically the most useful resource ever and it’s accessible with just the click of a button.

I also text and/or phone people very very frequently. Real talk: how am I supposed to be social without texting?? I know that’s a very MILLENIAL attitude, but seriously. That’s how it’s done nowadays! I didn’t text all that much in high school, because I went to school with all my friends so I knew exactly where to find them for 5 days of every week and if we wanted to make plans we could usually just do it in person. But now, everyone has different schedules, and, especially with friends who don’t live in my building and aren’t in my program, they can be very difficult to track down! And if you meet someone, but God forbid, FORGET to get their number, it is quite possible that you will NEVER see them again! How tragic! I present to you this hypothetical but entirely possible situation: It’s Saturday night and I’m at a party. I go into the hall for a breather, because it is quite hot inside and smells like LeBron James’s gym bag. I strike up a conversation with the girl standing next to me in the hall and it turns out we both share a love for Montreal bagels and the films of Bill Murray. What an amazing coincidence!!! Clearly our friendship was meant to be, so we decide to meet up the next afternoon at the Bagel House. Then her friend, who signed her in for the night, shows up and drags her off to another party, so we part without swapping numbers. The next day I arrive at the Bagel House on Yonge Street at the prescribed hour. After half an hour she still hasn’t arrived. I am feeling quite indignant. Then my indignation morphs into shame and annoyance as I realize that we never agreed upon WHICH Bagel House to meet at and she could be at either of the two other locations!! And by the time I get to either of them she will probably have already given up and left!! Or maybe she DID just decide to stand me up??? I’ll just have to text her and… ALAS NO!!! I NEVER GOT HER NUMBER!!! And she doesn’t live in res and I never learned her program and I have no recollection of who her friend was! I will never find her again!!! My potential soul mate!!! Shaken by this distressing realization, I go purchase myself a poppy seed bagel and wander morosely along  Yonge street, wailing her name and crying salty tears into my delicious snack.

the end.

This is a CULTURAL AFFLICTION!!! Texting and other social medias make life SO MUCH easier, but also a lot more stressful! Unless you are a very self-assured, self-actualized person (in which case GO YOU) it can be hard to spend more than like four or five hours all by yourself, just doing stuff, before getting a bit freaky: Why has no one texted you?? What’s going on with everybody?? There’s no way everyone is just doing their own thing too?! Everyone is probably hanging out without you!!! But then, on the flip side, it’s really nice that it’s super easy to connect and share your life with your people! It makes staying in touch with the people you care simple, and when something sad or exciting or weird happens to you and you want to share it, you can.

This has gotten quite lengthy, but I’m not quite finished yet. Before I go and leave you once again to your sad, caps lock-void existences, I will share with you some lovely infographics I found specially for your viewing pleasure!!!

This first one was done by Copenhagen-based graphic designer Peter Orntoft (all his work is very cool and you can check it out here!!).

The project, ‘Infographics in context’, was created for the Danish company Selfinitiated to compare social interests of Danish people. He used an expertly composed photograph to demonstrate his data in a way that immediately catches the viewer’s attention and is very easy to understand. The image beautifully relates to the data and the story it is telling and the issue related in the image is extremely topical and relevant in many parts of the world, not just Denmark, making it very shareable.

I’m also really fond of this “Where We Live” infographic, which illustrates population density in the United States in a way that is instantly understandable and eye-catching. It communicates large amounts of data very quickly.

If you want to learn more and go into detail, there are captions to read, but you can still take a lot away with just a quick glance. It tells a story of growth is pleasing to the eye, as well as relaying relevant and interesting data!


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