I am writing this on a bus home to Kingston, so this feels oddly symbolic. I mean, I’m literally just going home for the weekend, to hang out with my fam and my dog, eat some good food, and sleep on a decent mattress for a couple of nights – it would be much more profound if I was like doing my last blog post and also leaving Toronto, like, ~forever~… but then that would also mean I was dropping out of school, which I’m definitely NOT planning on doing anytime soon. Regardless, a bus is a pretty good place to wrap up this blog – they’re places of transition, taking people from one place to another – and as fall semester wraps up I’m feeling kind of “in transition” myself.

Self-reflection is a beautiful but difficult thing, so forgive me as I clumsily attempt to articulate it with some semblance of style. I’ve learned a lot about myself and the world through this semester, and especially this class. It’s the class that I struggle with the most, but also the class whose challenges I find the most engaging. I don’t mind saying that I’m a super type-A high achiever type at times, and it kind of bummed me out to be so flummoxed by all the software and processes we used. Why couldn’t I just be NATURALLY good at it?! (I AM aware that that’s just the way the world works but that doesn’t mean I can’t resent it!) However, my initial confusion meant that the pride I felt when I figured out how to do something or made something that looked cool was that much more satisfying.

So yeah, I’ve learned some stuff. My Photoshop-ing abilities have increased by about 200%. My motion graphic stills aren’t still anymore and it truly feels so good that I made that!! (Even if the assistance of lab instructors, lab assistants, and some incredibly talented pals of mine can be largely credited for the fact that they now move. S/O to them for their patience!!) I spent some loooong nights in the lab at the RCC because doing good work takes time! And at the end of the day, I’m pretty proud of most of what I’ve cooked up. Probably the most important thing I’ve learned is a bit more about the way I need to tackle new things. When I started using Photoshop and AfterEffects, I tried reading tutorials and watching videos on Lynda but then I would just forget everything right away. I really need to just jump in and start trying stuff if I want to learn anything!

In the future there’s definitely a lot more I’d like to learn. I’d like to develop my artistic style a bit, and figure out what works for onscreen, because I’m finding out that although I have a pretty comfortable and established artistic style when I draw and paint, it’s not necessarily best-suited for the work I want to make when I translate it to the screen. I want to try some stop-motion using photography, to learn how to do things that look really 3D. Mostly I just want to keep experimenting and exploring and failing and then trying again – struggling towards success! RTA 103, it’s been swell.




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