Why hello there! If by some chance your internet wanderings have crash-landed you on my blog, then hey, that’s pretty cool! It’s lovely to have you aboard.

My name is Quinton Bradshaw, and I have created this blog for my RTA 103 course. To run with the space theme I’ve got going on here, if the internet is the universe – infinite, ever-expanding, full of unexplored mysteries and black holes – which, hey, is pretty accurate! – then this blog is a planet that exists in the RTA 103 galaxy. On it, I shall be exploring and expanding upon all the concepts we discuss in Digital Media Production 1 (the aforementioned RTA 103)!

At this point you may be wondering, “What on earth is RTA?” Well, no one hates an unexplained accronym more than me, so allow me to explain! RTA stands for the Ryerson School of Radio and Television Arts. I’m a first-year student in the Media Production program. Basically, I’m studying at the coolest school in the greatest program in the universe. It’s pretty OUT OF THIS WORLD! Jealous? YOU SHOULD BE. At this point I’m not quite sure what part of the world of Media Production I’m most passionate about – I’m just excited to start learning! However, I do think that in the long run I’d be pretty fantastic at producing, because I have strong artistic vision, love making spreadsheets, and am great at bossing people around. (I’m KIDDING about that last part. Kind of.)

When I’m not crusading to become a Media Production superstar, I enjoy making waffles, eating waffles, riding my bike and watching movies, especially if they feature Bill Murray. If you do too, then hey, let’s be friends! If you don’t, then hey, let’s be friends anyways, because I LOVE making friends.

I’ll be posting at least once a week for the next several months, so if you like digital media and bad puns, then STAY TUNED for much more excitement to come!


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